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Getting into Debt – Can you avoid it?

By: Cristian Stan

When it comes to getting into debt, people seem to do it in one of two main ways. In some cases, debt seems to hit you like a brick, when you lose your job or you get sick and you end up paying a lot of money for medical expenses, or you're not able to work anymore.

In other cases, debt seems to sneak up on you, as you accumulate loans over the years from small purchases, or from larger purchases like house mortgages or new cars. A small change in the income level lets you unable to pay your debts and it becomes impossible to make all the payments, month after month.

However it happened, once you're into debt, you realize that it's much harder to get rid of it than it was to get into debt.

Debt that is unavoidable

In some cases, you simply can't avoid getting into debt. In some cases, you lose your job and can't afford to pay your bills anymore. In other cases, you get a new job but the wage level is smaller than before, or you're forced to live from unemployment income. Just applying for a job doesn't guarantee you that you'll get it and many people stay for months before they're able to get a new job. Getting into debt in a situation like this is usually unavoidable.

One other situation where you can't avoid getting into debt is when you become ill, or it happens to another member of your family. If the health insurance will not cover all the medical bills, you will quickly become overwhelmed with how much money you need, leaving you without enough money to pay for monthly expenses. If you're the one that is sick, besides the medical bills you might also not be able to work anymore, which is a double problem, since you will stop making money. In a situation like this you can't avoid going into debt.

Avoidable Debt

While there are many people that can't avoid going into debt, there are also a lot of people that could've easily avoided this situation. A lot of people used credit cards to spend more than they should've based on their income, and at some point it caught up with them and they couldn't pay all the expenses that they had. In many cases, people use credit cards when they're out of cash, so they get whatever they want despite their bad financial situation. This type of behavior tends to get them into debt.

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